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Real Estate Investing can be a daunting challenge. There are many potential problems that investors face in today's market. The most common complaints we hear are:

  • Real Estate can have a high initial investment
  • Investing in negative cash flow properties can bankrupt you
  • It can be hard to find good deals
  • Real Estate investing has a high learning curve
  • It requires a large time commitment

CA$H investment software addresses these problems by providing a consistent, repeatable methodology for evaluating real estate deals. This removes any emotional bias when comparing investments, and allows the investor to make decisions based on solid financial data. The benefits of CA$H include:

  • Rapidly analyze potential investments
  • Accurately estimate all costs, including Rehab expenses
  • Compare multiple properties to find the best deals
  • Generate professional financial reports to assist when meeting with bankers, partners, or other sources of funding

CA$H is the result of 16 years of development. It is a propriety software package originally developed to be used in house by HomeReplay, LLC. The Development team consists of Professional Real Estate Investors, Home Inspectors, Engineers, Mathematician, Financial Planner, MBA, and an Attorney. CA$H has been used to analyze thousands of properties for HomeReplay all over the US.

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