The American Investor - Issue 2

The American Investor
Issue 2 - February 2011

Why ReHab Knowledge is Crucial to Investors in Today's Real Estate Market

By Jonathan Geist, HomeReplay, LLC.

The current market conditions present some unique challenges and opportunities for Real Estate Investors. This article explores some of those challenges and outlines steps an Investor can take to make the most of the opportunites presented by rehab properties.

REO Investment Properties - Which one should you buy?

As we start the new year of 2011, it promises to be more of the same. The economy is still sluggish, unemployment remains high, and foreclosures rates are continuing to climb. The retirement accounts people have been counting on for years are now evaporating under the added strain of bad economic conditions, increased taxes and government intervention and a general malaise of the public towards the future.

The American Investor

Issue 1 — January 2011

In today's uncertain economy it is time for individual investors to take a more active role in their family's investment strategy. With banks going bankrupt and businesses failing every day; investors need a calm hand at the rudder of their financial ship. This is especially true today when stocks are so unstable and retirement funds are evaporating.

Uncontrolled Government spending, bail-outs to banks and failing companies has provided an "easy way out" for businesses who have had a long history of making bad management decisions and is forcing wise investors to re-think their investment strategy.